If you ever find yourself taking the ground you walk on for granted, a terramancer will quickly correct that. Stone endures. So do they.

Primary Focus: Defense
Secondary Focus: Battlefield Control


  • Stoneform (Self)
    Take on the aspect of stone, reducing the damage the caster takes from non-magical sources to half (rounded up). This effect lasts two rounds, and does not stack with other effects that reduce incoming damage. When taking damage, the duration is reduced by one round.
  • Totem (Near)
    Summon a barrier of stone, dirt, or concrete that is up to two cubic meters large. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.
  • Gravitas (Close, Channeled)
    Temporarily increase or decrease the weight of an object that originally weighs less than one hundred pounds. For every round this is channeled, the caster may shift the weight by twenty pounds in either direction up to a maximum of ten times its original weight and a minimum of one tenth its original weight.
  • Sinkhole (Close)
    Target a point, turning the Blast range around it to quicksand. Anyone in the area must spend at least one Edge to attack. Edge spent in this manner does not grant its usual bonus. This effect lasts two rounds.


  • Avalaunch (Close)
    Launch small stones in multiple directions, making a single Light Aimattack against up to three targets.
  • Earthmold (Self, Channeled)
    Sink into stone, dirt, concrete, or metal, without needing to breathe. The caster can see and hear through the material. Heavy damage done to the material causes this effect to end prematurely.
  • Greater Gravitas (Passive)
    Gravitas now targets objects of up to two hundred pounds, and can shift their weight by up to fifty pounds per round.
  • Greater Stoneform (Passive)
    Stoneform now lasts for four rounds, and may target allies within Touch range.


  • Tip the Scales (Close)
    Temporarily reverse gravity on a target, launching them into the air before gravity rights and slams them back down. The target takes Heavy damage.
  • Weighed and Wanting (Close, Channeled)
    Temporarily increase gravity, targeting a point. Anyone in Blast range is unable to move and cannot spend Edge points.
  • Stoneheart (Self)
    Imbue the caster with a heart of stone. They cannot be Stunned until the end of the scene.
  • Mountainfoot (Passive)
    The caster may reduce or increase their personal gravity to leap twice as far, or lift objects three times as heavy as they usually could.
  • Empowered Stoneform (Passive)
    Stoneform now prevents the caster from being moved against their will. Unarmed attacks made in Stoneform gain a one rank bonus.
  • Steady as a Rock (Passive)
    While the caster is Channeling, they are also under the effect of Stoneform.


Stone Guardian (Touch)
Imbue one ally in range with the spirit of the mountain. For two rounds, they are immune to damage. They cannot attack or move.