Earth's apex predators
Ever adaptable. Ever progressing.


Mankind has always been a curious race - preoccupied with a single question:

“Are we alone?”

Over and over, we shouted that question to the heavens themselves.

We never realized just how close the answer to that question would lie.

The Fae once cast a Veil across the world to protect their holdings - but that which is lost can be found. For the spell only protected against sentients - but not against mankind's creation: machines.

1959. Fairchild Semiconductor; the first silicon-based computer chip. But when it first powered on, there was something… different… about the results compared to vacuum tubes.

The coffee the researchers had been drinking stayed warm far longer than it should have; the potted plants grew larger and more vibrant; perhaps most importantly, the processor began to calculate faster than should have theoretically been possible.

Something was interfering - not adversely, but definitely interfering - with the calculations. It took years and a coordinated global effort to locate the source: a specific set of coordinates in the Arctic Sea.

And with that knowledge, the Veil shattered.

Our experiments had shown much of how to control this unseen force with technology. The Fae had a name for it - Magic.

We just called it another tool in our belt.

Oh Humanity, you who challenge the hidden darkness - a storm is coming.

May Magic protect you, for others shall not.