Cybernetic Enhancements

The Rules

Rule Zero: If your cybernetic does not provide any mechanical benefit over human baseline, it does not cost Megacredits, and can be freely added per rule two. This includes both cosmetic and sexual enhancements.

Rule One: Medium-class or higher augmentations must be installed by a medical professional. Generally, riskier augmentations (Major-class) must be installed in a hospital (Panacea) or have a Storyteller present for the installation in order to specify any complications.

Rule Two: Without medical intervention, it can take up to two weeks to fully adjust to a new augmentation. With medical support, this is reduced to one week. We recommend RPing some awkwardness during this transition period.

Rule Three: At character creation, only Cosmetic, Minor, and Medium enhancements can be selected.

The Costs

Cosmetic: Free

Minor: 4MC

Medium: 8MC

Major: 12MC



  • Lumin Hair Replacement (Cosmetic augment): This augmentation replaces the user’s natural hair with flexible fiberoptic lines that permit the changing of hair color at will.
  • Double Rainbow Optical Implants (Cosmetic augment):  This Implant permits the user to change eye color at will.
  • Mechanic’s Quickset (Cosmetic augment): Your fingertip can fold back revealing a socket for simple tools such as screwdriver heads, drill bits, low heat torch lighter, bottle opener, or a small flashlight.
  • Music Link (Cosmetic augment): Allows the user to listen to music via any linked streaming service like Notify.
  • NuYou Shaping (Cosmetic augment): Using high grade implantations and the latest in medical grade steel and artificial skin technology, the user can receive modifications to their ears, have horns, display exposed metal jaws or other parts for purely aesthetic purposes, and many other modifications.
  • Surface Wiring (Cosmetic augment): Dermal wiring that runs across different parts of the body.

Machina Only

  • Emergency Core Ejector (Medium augment): In case of the Machina's untimely demise, their core personality file will be ejected on a solid-state storage device, allowing for their body to be reconstructed - with the help of others. The storage device can be destroyed, and even minor damage may result in reprecussions to the personality file's integrity.
  • Forked Process (Major augment): By constructing parallel processing routines in their central core, the Machina may, at the cost of Edge, make a second Light attack against a different target than they have already attacked this round.
  • Thaumaturgic Core (Medium augment): Grants the machina a specialized, internal CAST device that is capable of casting spells from one school of magic (level one). This core can be upgraded per standard CAST upgrade rules. As it is internal, however, generally overclocking is not recommended and may void your warranty.

Neural Augments

  • Adrenal Kickstarter (Medium augment): Once per combat, the user may resist falling unconscious and instead remain active with a single Body point.
  • Beats by Trillium (Minor augment): Augmentation to the heart allowing for a stable 36 bpm heart rate, and the ability to control heart rate in general.
  • Chameleon Camo System (Major augment): This augmentation allows the user to turn functionally invisible to the naked eye and visual light spectrum. It does not render you fully invisible; movement can make the user easier to see, and they remain visible in the infrared spectrum and to mechanical devices.
  • Direct Neural Interface (Minor augment): The user can plug their brain directly into a computer via cable. This grants a one-rank equipment bonus to all Hacking rolls, but does prevent the user from moving or interacting with others while they are hacking.
  • Emergency Necromantic Controller (Medium augment):  One time use. Upon brain-death, the user can command their body with one last goal. The necromantic energies of this chip will then carry out the final mission at all costs by puppeting the user’s body for up to three rounds of combat until the battery dies. Warning: Character death is permanent, and this should only be used as an absolute last resort. The corpse can only be stopped through destruction of the skull, immobilization, or necromancy.
  • FIVE+ (Minor augment):  This augment permits temporary enhancement of one of the five standard senses which MUST be chosen upon purchase: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, or Touch. This enhancement can be activated or deactivated at will. Can be purchased multiple times to target different senses.
  • HIVE Comlink (Medium augment): Allows near-telepathic communication with anyone else equipped with a HIVE comlink. Allows wireless communication with nearby computers, with the same restrictions as Direct Neural Interface. Messages sent this way are limited to one sentence or less, but can include imagery.
  • Live Streaming Service (Medium augment): For the modern influencer. Allows you to stream your sensory information to another character, or even to a live feedsite. Requires a solid data signal, due to the huge quantity of information being sent.
  • Magical Co-processor (Medium augment): This augment utilizes the subconscious mind to assist a CAST device, reducing the cast time OR the cost of up to two spells per day. The CAST device must be plugged into a neural port in order for the co-processor to be utilized. If used to reduce cast time, the cast time is reduced by one post (minimum one), and if used to reduce cost, the processing cost is reduced by half.
  • Neo-Mnemonic Databank (Medium augment): Gain an additional two ranks for one skill check, once per day. This applies to knowledge skills only.
  • Rockwell Detection System (Medium augment): This implant enhances the latent scopaesthesia sense, allowing the user to know if someone if an invisible target is watching them, if they are currently being scryed, or if there is currently magic impacting the user. They will not know where the invisible individual is, just that someone is present or scrying them. The magic detection does not show who cast the spell or what the spell is, simply that there is an active magical effect.

Internal Augments

  • Big Boom (Major augment): This augment allows the user to carry a large sonic emitter in their chest, with a range of ultra low frequencies to ultra sonic in order to create both extremely loud sounds and heavy vibrations that can stun and rattle apart objects. It must be recharged after use. This augment can emit through clothing, but it is incompatible with Crocodilus Dermal Weave and Knight Time Armor Plating due to damage to the polymers from the vibrational energy.
  • Bronchiole Diffuser (Minor augment): Allows faster intake of inhaled substances and medications.
  • Calculated storage (Major augment): By tapping into the CAST network, the user gains the ability to record the casting of one spell cast by another. The user must ‘record’ the spell, by creating a notecard of the original spellcast. Once that spell is used, it has been expended and must be re-recorded before it can be used again. This allows the user to cast a single spell they have seen cast, though only once, even if they do not know the school of magic that the spell is from. The casting has the same rules as any other spellcast, including data plan costs.
  • Extra flexible (Minor augment): Ligaments and joints can bend to contortionist levels.
  • Flavr-Savr (Minor augment): Enhances the taste buds of the tongue, allowing the user to identify individual foods as well as the ingredients in a meal and any additives like poison, drugs, or other unwanted materials. Does not provide immunity to any unwanted materials without additional augments.
  • G.O.A.T. Processing Unit (Minor augment): The augmentation permits the user to consume anything - stones, scrap metal, garbage, plastic, cloth, etc as well as standard food items to keep their body running.
  • Hotspot Signal Booster (Major Augment): This augment can be activated when off the grid to provide access to MagiNet to the user and in a small area around them. Additional Carrier Charges may apply.
  • Hypertrophic Muscle Enhancement (Medium augment): This augment increases the raw strength of the user. Can be purchased twice. Changes the damage type of unarmed attacks to medium. With two purchases, changes the damage type of unarmed attacks to heavy.
  • M.U.L.E. Internal Storage (Medium augment): Whether a second stomach or an openable compartment, this provides a place for the user to store a small object (up to 10cm on a side). The compartment is shielded from basic scanning, but it requires a post to store or withdraw an item from the compartment.
  • Muscle Memory System (Medium augment): Gain an additional two ranks in one skill check once per day. This applies to physical skills only.
  • Natural Toxin (Medium augment): A flammable irritant is stored in a tank in the user’s body. With a successful unarmed combat roll, the user can partially blind a target, giving them a two rank penalty to combat rolls for two turns. Additionally, with a flame source, this spray can be ignited - but does not grant the user any immunity to flame.
  • Optical Data Recorder (Medium augment): Allows the user to write information (including from the Direct Neural Interface or Live Streaming Service) to a physical medium (notecard). Often used for creating sense-recordings for distribution or sale.
  • PHELPS System (Minor augment): This augment drastically improved the ability of the lungs to hold oxygen, permitting breath to be held for ten minutes at a time before air exchange is required.
  • PHELPS System 2.0 (Medium augment): This augment allows for the processing of oxygen within water, making it possible for the user to breathe underwater.
  • Reaction Enhancers (Major augment): Highly invasive spinal surgery that replaces parts of the spinal column with reactive material that enhances reaction times in the user. Gives all defense rolls a one rank equipment bonus.

External Augments

  • Aetherial Shock Absorbers (Major augment): The augments consist of implanted aetheric attractors at key parts of the body. These attractors coax the flow of magic from incoming attacks to run along predetermined routes, lessening the overall impact of a spell – though they can not nullify the spell entirely. Spells cast at the user with a duration have that duration halved (rounded up).
  • Bloodhound Tracking System (Medium augment): This augment allows you to track an individual by their scent, provided you have an object of theirs to compare to and the scent trail is less than three days old.
  • Crocodilus Dermal Weave (Medium augment): This augmentation strengthens the skin significantly, providing some measure of defense against bladed weapons, and limited defense against projectile weaponry. Mundane physical damage taken by the user is reduced by one per attack. Incompatible with Knight Time Armor Plating.
  • H.E.L.L.A. Filtration system (Medium augment): This augment automatically clears the air you inhale and water you drink of pollution, toxins, and bad smells, leaving the air you breathe sterile and pleasant. Filters must be cleaned on a regular basis - in strenuous situations like combat, one filter can last for up to four rounds.
  • Knight Time Armor Plating (Medium augment): This augment works similar to Crocodilus Dermal Weave, save it sits on top of the skin rather than under it. Knight Time Armor Plating grants more protection, but it is also significantly heavier. Reduces damage taken by two per attack, but gives a one-rank debuff to defense rolls. Incompatible with Crocodilus Dermal Weave.
  • Little Buddy Personal Drone (Medium augment): Small drone housing that launches from the user’s body to rest on your shoulder or hover a little away from the user. It can be remotely controlled to direct light and assist with very simple tasks such as holding lightweight objects or observing an area. Charges off of your internal batteries. This Augment cannot travel far from the user or it ceases to function.
  • Photosynthetic Cell (Minor augment): This augment permits the user to absorb nutrients from the sun for sustenance. The user must have a significant amount of skin exposed for several hours per day in order to maintain the nutrients needed for this augment to function properly. It will not function on cloudy days, at night, or underground, necessitating the consumption of food to maintain bodily functions.
  • Sharkbite Dental Enhancement (Minor augment): This augment replaces the user’s natural teeth with hyper-strong and razor sharp dental implants, allowing the user to chew through many substances not otherwise breakable by humanoids. Mind your tongue. Can be used as an unarmed weapon.

Optical Augments

  • Aetheric Vision (Major augment): This augment allows the user to see Leypoints and the concentration of Ley energies in spells, both already placed and being cast.
  • ConLogi Maps (Minor augment): This augmentation displays a mini-map of the city on a HUD in the user’s field of vision.
  • Infrared Spectrum Enhancement System (Minor augment): This augment allows the user to see in the infrared, making it possible to track body heat. Note: When using the Infrared Spectrum Enhancement System, it is very difficult to discern any non-heat related information from the environment.
  • O.W.L. Implant (Minor augment): This augmentation allows the user to see clearly in low light.
  • Social media profiler (Minor augment): Using facial recognition technology, you can (upon OOC consent) gain some simple information about a specific target, such as their name, approximate age, mutual friends, and interests. Anonymous and throwaway account information cannot be found. May give additional information on research tickets.

Audio Augments

  • B.A.B.E.L. Implant (Minor augment): This augment automatically translates five common languages into a language the user can understand. It does not make the user able to speak said languages. This augment may be purchased multiple times for additional languages.
  • Balance Augmenter (Minor augment): Modifies the inner ear to enhance balance of the user. Receives a one rank equipment bonus to climbing, walking narrow paths, landing jumps, etc.
  • Bug Detector (Medium augment): Beeps when within 2 meters of a bugged listening device. This includes anyone actively streaming via Live Streaming Service.
  • P.A.R.R.O.T. (Medium augment): Allows the user to modify the level, pitch, and timbre of their voice. Given at least three posts of hearing the speech of another, can mimic that voice - though it does not copy the mannerisms and speech patterns of that person. Can play back recordings of another person’s voice.
  • Radio Head Communication System (Minor augment): With this subdermal vocal receiver and sub-vocal transmitter, you are able to silently chat with anyone that also has a Radio Head Communication System installed - or simply make an ordinary call. Doing so still causes you to have to move your mouth, slightly. (Please note that this needs to be RP’d out. Trying to chat on the “phone” and doing any task that requires concentration and focus will incur a distraction penalty. Distracted driving kills!)
  • Scrambler/Descrambler (Minor augment): A built-in hardware cryptographic module. All communications between characters using Scramblers/Descramblers cannot be understood by others without a successful Hacking roll against the user’s Firewall defense.

Arm Augments

  • Extensor System (Minor augment): Stretch your arms to double their length for more reach. Probably not super practical, but it looks cool.
  • Hand Cannon (Medium augment): This augment takes the form of a small caliber gun embedded in the wrist of the user. It uses standard ammunition magazines and must be reloaded.
  • Iaijutsu Blade Implant - Arm (Minor augment): This augment takes the form of a sharpened blade that emerges from the wrist, forearm, or elbow.
  • Medical Scanner (Minor augment): External probes that can diagnose and assess injury or illness and can assist in basic first aid. Requires medical knowledge to use fully.
  • ROCKET PAWNCH (Medium augment): Launch your FUCKING ARM right OUT OF THE SOCKET and HIT A MFKR ACROSS THE ROOM. You will have to go fetch it though and the potential for it to be used to slap you when you miss is definitely a thing. Can be used as a ranged attack; additionally, can be used for a one-time Heavy weapon strike, but this destroys the arm and it must be replaced afterwards.
  • Scratchies (Minor augment): Retractable carboglass nails that can be used as a light melee weapon. Can be concealed.
  • S.P.I.D.E.R Enhanced Climbing System (Medium augment): This augment is installed in the fingers as well as the toes. It allows the user to hold tightly to objects and climb sheer surfaces, provided skin contact is being made with the surface. It does not work through gloves or shoes.
  • Tech Scanner (Minor augment): Diagnoses issues in machinery and electronics and can assist in basic repairs. Requires mechanical knowledge to use effectively.
  • Truly Personal Computer (Minor augment): Augmentation that puts a computer in your wrist. The display can be a holographic popup or display as a HUD. Features are optimized for one hand operation of the various programs.

Leg Augments

  • C.A.T. Movement System (Medium augment): This augment permits the user to automatically walk silently. It can be used while wearing shoes, though hard soles are not recommended. It can help the user to run much more quietly as well, though not as effectively. Ensures all fall landings are on the user’s feet.
  • HEELIES (Minor augment): Deployable wheels to move a bit quicker but prone to sudden stopping by cracks and small debris. Not advised for combat use. Highly fashionable.
  • Iaijutsu Blade Implant - Leg (Minor augment): This augment takes the form of a sharpened blade that emerges from the knee, calf, or foot.
  • Sudden Drop Shock Absorbers (Minor augment): This augment absorbs the stress of impact when falling from a height of up to 50 feet, though there is a limit to its capability, and the user has to land on their feet for it to activate.
  • U.S.A.I.N. Muscle Enhancements (Minor augmentation): The augment increases the user’s speed, allowing them to run considerably faster than a typical person. Allows the user to disengage from combat by running at high speed. Allows the user to move twice as far in a round as an average person.