If there is a merit/minor ability that is important to your character concept, we do take suggestions for Merits. If approved, it will be added to this list for other characters to take as well.

Blood is Power (4 points, Phage): As a free action, the character may spend Body points to gain Edge points.

Bodyguard (4 points): As a free action, can take damage another character within 6 feet would have taken instead. This damage may not be mitigated in any way.

CAST Specialist (8 points): As a free action, may spend an Edge to roll an Arcanum-based opposed roll against the target of a in-progress spell. On a success, your cast time of the current CAST-based spellcast is reduced by one post (minimum one post). Additionally, you may, as a CAST-based cantrip (no data cost) create a minor Arcanum-based light attack against your target, based on whichever school of magic you have used. This may be flavored differently for different characters.

Daddy Issues (8 points, Extraplanar Scion): You’ve inherited more than other scions from your extraplanar parent. There’s something about you that’s just… different. So different, in fact, that your body can be used as a focus for your own spells and the spells of others (with your consent) - however, instead of Data, spells using your body as a focus cost Body points. Additionally, you can be summoned by Invokers that know your true name. Definitely keep this on the d/l - there’s plenty of organizations that would love to experiment on someone with this many characteristics of an Outsider. Note: This may have serious consequences for your character. Talk with a storyteller before picking this merit to understand details.

Elemental Manifestation (8 points, Intraplanar Scion): Take half damage from magic of your element.

Glamour (Sidhe): Twist ye the image, and let even reality be fooled. A physical illusion placed on your body, glamour makes you into your best self - flawless, perfect. That perfect ‘just woke up like this’ look every time. It also lets you hide things inside the illusion - like weapons. Just don’t talk about that part too much.

Hardy (4 points): A critical hit against this character is reduced to a normal hit, once per day.

Flapflap (8 points, Mothpeople): While unable to fly in Earth’s gravity, you can fall with style. Allows you to slow your fall from any height, or even hover in place up to six feet off the ground.

Leyline Caster (8 points): Unlike many in San Isid who rely upon the CAST system, you have learned to ‘hack’ directly into the restricted ley lines of the city. You have a focus of some sort that is tied into local leylines, which must be used in order to cast spells. You do not require a CAST device - or a data plan signal. Considered illegal in the city of San Isid, because of potential interference with the CAST system. Spells cast at ley points are stronger than regulated spells (ST scenes only), and you can freely cast even when there is no signal.

Lucky (4 points): At the intersection of preparation and opportunity, there is luck. Cursed and beloved alike, Luck looks after fools - and you are fortunate enough to be one of that number. Once per day, you may reroll a critical failure.

Magical Savant (8 points):You are exceptionally practiced in spell casting, reducing the cast time OR the cost of up to two spells per day. If used to reduce cast time, the cast time is reduced by one post (minimum one), and if used to reduce cost, the cost is reduced by half. On a spellcast using this feature, roll once - on a critical failure, the spell fails and you take Backlash.

Naturally Flexible (4 points): Ligaments and joints can bend to contortionist levels. If you know what I mean.

Night Stalker (4 points): Can see normally in the dark or low-light.

Pact Caster (8 points): This character has formed a pact with an extraplanar being, and gains their magical power through that connection. You have a focus of some sort that represents that pact, which must be used in order to cast spells. You do not require a CAST device - or a data plan signal. Considered illegal in the city of San Isid, because of the requirements extraplanar beings tend to place on their pact-bound. May result in requirements on your character or plot, based on ST availability.

Regenerator (4 points, Fetch, Phage, Myrmidon): Can regenerate limbs and cure wounds with a day of rest, even without medical attention.

Rho Arcana (4 points): As a cantrip (0 cost), can use Arcanum as a defense roll against ranged attacks.

Shapeshifter (Fetch): Can change minor things about appearance (hair, eye color, etc.) freely. Can shift shape, changing form entirely up to three times a day. This can even copy another person, but does not automatically grant mannerisms, speech patterns, or memories.

Thousand Faces (4 points, Fetch): The fetch's shapeshifting has combined with an intuitive understanding of illusion magic, resulting in even more accurate impersonation. Now able to mimick cybernetics, clothing, and other non-organic material, the fetch has become the ultimate infiltrator. Upon touching a target, can record their genetic information and physical pattern for use on the next shapeshift. When shapeshifting with a touch-pattern, the Fetch can even bypass genetic screening.