San Isid operates as an oligarchy. All large corporations in the city have a seat on the Board of Directors, which is administered by the city's watchful AI, SOLOMON. Generally, decisions are left to the board members, but SOLOMON, as the primary enforcer, does have the ability to override decisions that go against its primary directives.


Joining a faction in Terminal Vector is a choice, but often leads to additional roleplay opportunities. Storytellers will be working together with faction leads in order to drive story.

A player may only be a member of one faction, unless they have spoken to the leads of both groups.

Panacea Insurance is included with Corporate Faction membership. Speak to your faction lead for details.

Continental Logistics (“ConLogi”)

Everything you could want, wholesale.
Type: Corporate Faction

Continental Logistics connects San Isid to the global shipping and trade network, giving customers unlimited access to the best the world has to offer. Heavily invested in portalcraft as a logistics solution, they specialize in both long-haul and last-mile delivery, offering extremely low prices on their shopping website for common commodities. It's not uncommon to see massive ConLogi trains passing through a portal operated by a team of corporate magi. Their monopolization status on bulk shipping has resulted in contracts with nearly every business, and those that have escaped their corporate clutch, do so at their own peril.

The company didn't secure their position through fair deals and good will. ConLogi has their own information network dedicated to collecting blackmail to be used to leverage trade deals and strongarm competition. They regularly funnel illicit goods into and out of San Isid, arming conflict zones or strategically flooding districts with drugs to topple property values. Their Portal Corp has been rumored to kidnap illegal casters for slave trade or forced labor in their sprawling warehouses.

Still, ConLogi couriers are part of everyday life, whether they are transporting parcels, memories, or organs.

As one of the five largest corporations in San Isid, ConLogi holds a seat on the Board, and thus helps shape laws under the guiding eye of SOLOMON.

Trillium Energistics Corporation (“Trillium”)

CAST - your personal power pal.
Type: Corporate Faction

Founded by Derek Wakerobin, Trillium Energistics Corporation was one of the first computing companies to determine the origins of quantum interference. They’ve capitalized on that head start - most modern CAST devices are produced in Trillium factories, as well as many cybernetic augmentations.

Nor have they ignored their dominant position in the market. Since most people access the MagiNet via Trillium devices, they’ve ended up with a near-monopoly in connectivity, allowing the ability to track what spells are being cast. Additionally, Trillium corporate magi often provide magical services to other businesses and corporations. From custom wards to elaborate enchantments, if your company needs a bespoke magical solution, Trillium's consulting wing can help.

The AEGIS division of Trillium are the spooks of the corporate world. A detail-oriented intelligence service, they're only called out for dealing with the most dangerous terms-of-service breakers: rogue spellcasters. Often working in conjunction with SIPD, the Advanced Enforcement Group for Illegal Spellcasting focuses on intelligence, tracking, and containment of threats to the MagiNet system.

As one of the five largest corporations in San Isid, Trillium holds a seat on the Board, and thus helps shape laws under the guiding eye of SOLOMON.

Panacea Health Solutions

Armored medics. What could go wrong?
Type: Corporate Faction

Panacea - the cure-all. This corporation focuses on all aspects of human health - from standard medical care to cloned organs and bioengineering. And it’s worked - replacements of organs and their detailed care have resulted in an increased life expectancy in San Isid, at least among those who can afford their services. After all, providing doctors who can treat all the varied races in the city? That’s not cheap.

Their Lifeline “insurance” paramilitary wing specializes in extraction of platinum-tier patients, assisting them with getting medical access - regardless of the obstacle.

As one of the five largest corporations in San Isid, Panacea holds a seat on the Board, and thus helps shape laws under the guiding eye of SOLOMON.

Eigen Media Corporation

The world's hottest stars, burning across the maginet
Type: Corporate Faction

A relative newcomer to the city of San Isid, Eigen Media Corporation focuses on a variety of things. With their large-scale broadcasting systems, all the news and content that's fit to consume comes from their studios, available in a variety of formats - from MagiNet text to direct SimEx. Using an elaborate network of generative AI simulators, Eigen has become capable of using advanced deepfake technology to craft elaborate dramas and other shows in a matter of hours. Of course, such technology is only used for the purposes of entertainment...

Creators of such lovable characters as "Tommy, the fish with legs", Eigen's reach into the content space is near-universal. It's rare to find any MagiNet-capable device that doesn't come bundled with an Eigen subscription. Rumor has it that they've recently expanded their offerings into live experiences as well, providing the rich and wealthy of the city access to whatever bespoke entertainment they might want to enjoy.

As one of the five largest corporations in San Isid, Eigen Media Corporation holds a seat on the Board, and thus helps shape laws under the guiding eye of SOLOMON.

Haiku Financial

Cash rules everything around me.
Type: Corporate Faction

Founded by musical superstar “Haiku”, Haiku Financial has focused on the global financial market. Controlling both investment banks and the one official casino in San Isid, they provide financial instruments for any requirement.

Often, they are also called upon to act as middle-men on large financial transactions to safeguard the interests of both parties.

After all, no one wants to upset the bank.

Especially not one that has the tendency to repossess valuable cybernetics that were purchased on credit. It’s part of why no one’s looking too closely into the high-stakes auctions that Haiku Financial is rumored to run.

As one of the five largest corporations in San Isid, Haiku Financial holds a seat on the Board, and thus helps shape laws under the guiding eye of SOLOMON.

San Isid Police Department

All the justice you can afford.
Type: Corporate Security Faction

The San Isid Police Department is, contrary to its name, a private entity. On a long-term contract with the city of San Isid and the Corporate Court to provide protection services, SIPD focuses first and foremost on guarding corporate assets, and secondly on punishing those who would go against the Board.

Providing security, magisterial, and rehabilitative services, the SIPD is synonymous with justice in the city of San Isid.

Even when some of the laws they enforce never quite got written down.


Overclocking is for winners.
Type: Criminal Faction

The Calavera group is the primary exception to the control of the city the Board holds. Operating a pirate 5g baseband and darkweb, their neon sigil is known amongst those who would rebel against the corporations. A haven for magical hackers and those who need goods that are slightly… less than legal… Calavera has become a home for many of its members.

Just don’t try to leave.

Calavera is less of a hierarchical organization, and instead a set of loosely affiliated cells known as 'partitions.' Each member of a partition is generally known by a handle - a MagiNet username - rather than their 'meatspace' identity. As such, most lead double lives - working day to day, while breaking down the secrets of the corporations through hacking, social engineering, and even outright breaking and entering when nothing else will work. Partitions have limited knowledge of each other, with only the Partition Operator knowing how to contact those above.

Typically, commands, announcements, and alerts to the partitions come from a handle known as CV_ROOT. It's currently unknown who, or even how many people, are behind that handle - but what is known, is the inner circle of Calavera that administrates things across multiple regions have adopted the CV_ prefix before their handles in the style of their leader.

MagiNet does not allow users to create usernames with the CV_ prefix due to its known 'terrorist' affiliations; it's considered somewhat of a rite of passage to break in and change your own handle to match.

San Isid's Partition is known as TOWER, and the current Partition Operator is permitted to post under the CV_TOWER handle in addition to their personal identity. It is suspected that the TOWER name is not a random codeword - other known cells include PARTITION://HEIROPHANT (Tokyo) and PARTITION://EMPRESS (NYC).

Di Ting Meng (The Triad)

Family. Ambition. Tradition. Technology.
Type: Criminal Faction
"It began in 1671 within the Shaolin Monastery, a request from the Emperor during the Qing Dynasty. The Emperor faced an invasion and seeked the help of the Shaolin monks to fight back the invaders. When the battle was over the Shaolin monks won without losing a single man. Impressed with their skill, the Emperor's advisor suggested that if they were strong enough to withstand the barbarians they could overthrow the Emperor. The Emperor's men delivered drinks for the victory celebration and after the Shaolin monks were drunk, they were locked within the confines of their monastery as fire was set. All but 5 perished who escaped vowing to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty. Forming the secret society of the Triad."

This is the romanticized tale most would be told about the origin of the Triad. Its validity while in question has inspired a following that has lasted hundreds of years. The Di Ting Meng is but merely a sect or one part of a whole. However it is more than that, it is a brotherhood. As the times have changed the Di Ting Meng is one of the first to adapt its customs much to the risk of internal conflict amongst traditionalists. The Mountain Master who leads the sect extends their offer so long as any of the four requirements are met.

  • Familial or Marital Relations with a member of the Di Ting Meng(Story Driven NPC or Player Character)
  • Directly Chinese or Mixed (IE: Asian-American or Asian)
  • Recommended by a member of the Brotherhood (Player Character)
  • Unanimously exalted by the White Paper Fan for service to the Di Ting Meng (Extensive Writing or Roleplay req. With pending approval)
Introduction Video
For more information

For questions or recruitment: Contact Cerberus.Ichibara or Peasant Tater

The Chantry

You should never keep a Lady waiting.
Type: Illegal Occult Faction
Requirements: Natural Casting
Two truths and a lie

Magic is beautiful /

Magic is dangerous //

Magic is ruled by technology ///

When the veil was torn, magic quickly fell under humanity's control. Digging their fingers deep into the weave, corporations and governments wasted no time in capitalizing. Secrets and spells turned into eldritch commodities; more dangerous magics were restricted or banned. The natural order of the Weave was stifled. As leylines were privatized, magical energy was hoarded and disseminated only to those who could afford it. Some were discontent - creatures old enough to remember a time when magic was unbound and free. Even the young harbored resentment: practitioners of darker arts, seekers of forbidden knowledge, or simply rebels who sought a deeper understanding of magic.

For these forlorn and noble souls, The Chantry stands with open arms; offering a safe haven for those practicing so-called 'illegal' magic. Come, indulge in forbidden secrets and delve down darker paths of knowledge.

But do not look behind the curtain; for who knows what terrible things lurk in the dark?

Jakov Mercenaries

Don't be stupid.
Type: Mercenary Faction

Jack of Hearts Company is a neutral mercenary faction based in San Isid. Its goal is to provide armed assistance services to anyone who can afford their stake. The credit is the only thing sacred to Jakov's constituents, and the contract brokered between contractor and contractee is the word of law. Contracts range from protection and simple hunts to high-end heists, abductions, and sting operations.

Jakov mercenaries are typically hard to identify in a crowd, whoever the majority within their agency are ex-military or experienced combatants for their field. Despite their typically low profile, there are some that risk their civilian lives for a chance to obtain higher wages at the cost of danger. Most work is under the table, and anonymous services are rendered at times through silent operators. Contractees get what they pay for. This means if they want their job done on the cheap, they can expect less experienced contractors with limited resources to be afforded to their cause. If they want contractors prepared to meet an armed response, they'll be prepared to afford a prettier paycheck. Contractors work with pseudonyms, or callsigns. Designations either assigned to them or self-assigned to keep their anonymity in check even around fellow mercs. Likewise, they're expected to fund their own equipment.

On top of their callsigns and providing their own gear, Jakov mercenaries are free to come and go as they please to the group; they are not required to pledge allegiance to the group. It is expected that mercenaries who operate within the confines of Jack of Hearts Company do not undercut or cause direct harm to their fellow mercenaries. Contracts may be consigned to one Mercenary, and that Mercenary may choose to sub-contract the help of other mercs to get the job done. This is done at a personal expense, with all pay split between participants.


Fashion, darling. You should try it.
Type: Media/Espionage Faction

Glamour is a Fae-run fashion and publishing corporation. After the reveal of the Fae's existance to the humans, some decided rather than fighting progress the path forward was to embrace the changing tides. Moving on with what truly controls humans - and their opinions - the Fae took to fashion and social media. Due to the Ethereal nature of the fae and the influence they had on day-to-day trends it was no surprise that GLAMOUR took over the fashion world rapidly. What seems like glitz and stardust on the outside covers an intricate and elaborate network of intel and information gathered on humans who use simple day to day social media apps.

Glamour controls the fashion world by their magazine, carefully chosen influencers, and millions of ai bots designed to push viral trends to the top of the charts. Unable to compete with this sophistication of Glamour's operation, many other trend-setters have been absorbed or pushed into irrelevance. To be part of glamour whether you are a fae, a human, or anything else is to be part of a prestigious society built to stay on top.