Of all the races revealed when the Veil fell, the so-called Outer Beings are the most varied in form and motivation and are by far the least understood by the rest of the races. Unsuited for extended periods of time spent amongst the mortal kind, the physical plane, or sometimes even this phase of reality, they are nonetheless known to visit occasionally. Be it by ritual, psychedelics, or just pure circumstance, these Outer Beings may manifest in our world and interact with mortals; sometimes, these interactions result in the creation of Scions. Born of a human and an Outer parent, Scions may or may not be aware of the truth of their lineage; human mothers might not know the nature of the father of their child, and Outer mothers with almost no exception abandon or give away their Scion children shortly after birth.

All Scions inevitably develop an obsession thanks to the influence of their Outer parent: some aspect of society or existence fascinates them endlessly and drives them to surround themselves with other people and the complexities of modern life. Few Scions know exactly why they are compelled to indulge the obsession; they simply are (Coffee baristas city-wide dread the unusual drink orders that come from certain Scions, especially when they can’t explain why certain ingredients or steps must be taken). It is not uncommon for Scions to carry a mark on their body in some way, a visual reminder that they are not, strictly speaking, human.

Scions, on the whole, don’t tend to take a great interest in city conflicts that are unrelated to their personal obsessions; anything connected to that obsession, though, is incredibly important to them and they will do whatever they can to ensure they have unfettered access to what interests them. While Scions, like most other beings, are happy enough with the status quo, some cannot shake their strong feeling of otherness. They do what they can to help those that seek change, either in the hope of finding a world in which they fit or to make everyone else feel as unwelcome as they do. And woe be to a corporation that gains the focus of a Scion obsessed with a stance that opposes their interests.

Obsession Examples: Compassion, Emotion, Deception, Selfishness, Dance, Politics, Machinery, Good, Evil


The Extraplanar Outer Beings are near complete mysteries; few share enough commonality in look or action to be firmly sorted into anything but the most generalized collective. Neither good nor evil, there are two qualities that the Extraplanar seem to share: they are profoundly Other, and their motivations are almost completely unknown. For a mortal mind to dwell too heavily on an Extraplanar Outer Being - or worse, to connect to it directly - is to invite insanity and ruin. It is not uncommon for the human parents of their Scions to fall victim to this, intended or not. It is simply a side effect of contact with such beings.

Extraplanar Scions themselves, luckily, are no more likely to be insane than any other being. They tend to be unaware of the specifics of their nonhuman parentage, though those that manifest physical aspects of their mixed heritage tend to have more obviously ‘odd’ features, and their obsessions are often stronger, stranger, or more specific than those of the Intraplanar Scions. Personality wise they are often solitary and aloof, and tend towards grandiose plans and perspectives that few other than them are able to completely understand. When an Extraplanar Scion has made a decision, for good or ill, it is almost impossible to change their minds. Their personal spaces tend to either be neat and organized to the point of looking unlived in, or messy to a concerning degree, with the walls covered in information and lines of string connecting seeming nonsense that nonetheless makes perfect sense to the Scion.


The Intraplanar Outer Beings are the more well known in conventional society, though the typical citizen of San Isid likely knows of them directly only through myth and legend. Referred to collectively as Elementals, Intraplaner Outer Beings are by nature curious and can more easily traverse the mortal plane than Extraplanar Outer Beings. As a result, their children are the most numerous of all the Scions.

Intraplanar Scions of a given Elemental type tend to get along with each other, though such is not always guaranteed - just as an Element has many aspects, their offspring have their own varied personalities and motivations. Different Elemental tribes get along as much as the collective members of any other race do, but the subtle push and pull of the natural world has some influence on the Intraplanar Scions as well, leading to minor and ongoing tribal squabbles that flare and die with no one group ever really overpowering another. While Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth Elementals create the majority of Intraplanar Scions, Intraplanar Scions descended from lesser-known Elementals are not unheard of. Given that their parentage is less.. abstract than that of Extraplanar Scions, Interplanar Scions meld into society very well, often indistinguishable from conventional humans aside from their visual markers and obsessive behavior.