An individual that is fed Phage blood will become a Thrall to that phage. Thralls are loyal and devoted to their master; while they retain free will and will likely not endanger themselves without reason, they are much more likely to obey suggestions or commands their master gives them. Thralls gain the ability to see clearly in low light, minor regeneration, strength, and cease to age as a result of the phage blood in their system. A thrall that does not consume phage blood once a month will lose the benefits of their condition and revert back to their former state before becoming a Thrall - save for age. Former Thralls will age at the pace of one year for each month they cease to have phage blood in their system until they reach their natural age. Thralls can only be bound to one phage at a time. All Phages can sense the presence of Phage blood in a Thrall.


The Fae can bind humans to themselves, altering them into creatures called Faetouched. Faetouched can serve as companions, servants, or entertainment for the Fae; their main purpose, however, is to provide flesh for their masters to consume. The Faetouched do not age and regenerate physical injuries rapidly, affording them a degree of protection from both the torments of their masters and harm from outsiders. Faetouched need to feed off Fae essence once a month or they lose the benefits of their condition and revert back to their former state. All Fae can sense Fae essence within a Faetouched.


Footsteps echoed down the alleyway. One set was rushed: a woman, nervous, glanced over her shoulder at the shadow of a figure following slowly behind her. Slow drips of water caused neon-reflected ripples in the puddles scattered down the narrow pathway as she rushed past them and around a corner. A solid wall blocked her way. She turned and gasped; a man, smiling, stood at the mouth of the narrow alley. She backed against the wall as he advanced, long fangs gleaming in the electric light; her scream of panic cut off abruptly as he lunged forward and sank his teeth into her throat. Predator and prey. The natural order of things.Footsteps echoed down the alleyway. The man looked up from his interrupted meal, annoyance shifting to concern as he counted the figures approaching. He growled as five mortals stood just a foot away. He backed away as they advanced, sharp knives gleaming in the electric light; his shout of panic cut off abruptly as they lunged forward and sliced him open, latching their hungry mouths to his wounds.

Predator and prey.

The natural order of things.

Some Thralls and Faetouched become tired of serving their masters but don’t wish to lose the benefits that come from serving them. Others realized that Phage Blood and Fae Essence did not need to be given freely to be of use. All reject the idea that servitude was necessary for their state of being. These are the Sin-Eaters; preying on those that preyed on them. Not all Sin-Eaters started out connected to those they now prey upon, but all are inexorably linked to those they hunt. Sin-Eaters tend to hunt in packs, using numbers to overpower their target. They rarely kill the Phages or Fae they capture, preferring to leave them weakened but alive; a dead creature can only be fed on once, while someone left to live can be captured and consumed again in the future. Because Phages and Fae can sense Thralls and Faetouched, it is extremely risky to approach - or be found alone - by the would-be prey without strength of numbers. It is possible to hide in a crowd, as pinpointing exactly who is enhanced can be difficult, but very little is as satisfying for Phages and Fae as capturing or killing those that have the audacity to feed on their betters.