In a time long since past, when it was still of use to cast a spell, there was a power surpassing any race on this blue globe - Magic. The fifth element, power of the spirit given form, has caught the mind since the first sentience crawled out of the dark.

To the Fae, it is their birthright - something they guard above all else.

For there are Others in the dark that covet their spark of life.

Unknownst to mankind, the Fae have stood guard over this planet since time immemorial - fighting against those Outer Beings that hunger for what they have. Their defenses against the Outside have protected this planet from many things outside the plane; and it was during one of these protracted defenses that a very clever idea was reached.

Perhaps it would be easier to simply hide the planet.

The Veil. A sorcerous working on par with the Manhattan project. Led by The Mab of the Unseelie - a group that stood for change and progress over the old ways - they defied the sitting Oberon to craft a spell that would forever separate them from those that walked Outside.

As a pleasant side effect, it also hid them nicely from that upstart new race - Humanity - that was spreading across the globe.

The spell was beautiful in its simplicity: only those who already knew the physical location of the Fae would be able to reach them. And thus, did the secret of magic pass into legend and myth.

Until Humanity’s mucking about with technology snapped the veil.

The first warning was the Wardkeeper stumbling into the room - his eyes bleeding, unseeing as his mouth opened in a rictus scream. Windows shattered; the carefully constructed climate, maintained by intricate spellwork, went haywire.

The Oberon was swift to act; the spells were recast, the wards replaced as best as they could.

But Humanity now knew their location.

It wasn’t long before the first explorers showed up.

Soon after came the diplomats.

And finally, the contract lawyers.

For a race that had built their society around following oaths and using binding magic to seal agreements, legalese was a new concept.

Many Fae found themselves in less than advantageous agreements as the human corporations plundered their secrets.

Today, that is a distant past - but you, o Fae - know two things.

First, Humanity is not to be fully trusted. Their greed and hunger are eclipsed only by their ignorance.

And the second;

There are worse things yet to come.


The Sidhe are the faeries of legend; though of course, most legends about them are wrong. These are not playful pixies to delight children, for in the first days of Man, these Fae were responsible for many kidnappings across human settlements, and were rumored to have a taste for human flesh. Often in their own worlds, Sidhe are not evil, nor do they maliciously enjoy tormenting others; thought for the well-being of non-Fae is simply alien to them.

Largely independent beings, Sidhe will often perform complex plots for their own amusement while acting aloof and distant. However, they often form lasting friendships with Elves, with whom they have developed a long bond with through mutual use of magic. Sidhe often act as ‘guides’ to young elves for that reason, though the practice has largely fallen out of style over the ages.

Sidhe are capable of casting glamour on themselves, innate vanity making them want to appear as perfect as possible at all times. While their diet is wildly varied, human flesh is still considered a delicacy amongst their kind. The practice is largely kept behind closed doors, utilizing cloned organs or the regenerative capabilities of Fae-touched.

It is not uncommon to find Sidhe in careers where their inhuman beauty is valued and traditional ethics are less required, resulting in a large number of MagiGram influencers, models, and corporate executives rising from their ranks. #wokeuplikethis #noglamour


Divided only by their choice of dwelling - High Elves, Dark Elves, and Wild Elves are all members of the same race with no difference in biology. By far the most numerous of the Fae, Elves have served as the front line of the war against the Others, and suffered for it greatly.

Noble and long-lived, the proud Elves have perhaps had the hardest time as a people integrating into a largely foreign society. Many continue to live in the forest and underground reservations left to them after the shattering of the veil, and even those who have found a place in the cities and towns worry that the actions of Humanity will result in their old foes returning.

Some Elves have chafed in this new world. Primarily hailing from the Unseelie, but made up of like-minded Elves from across the political spectrum, a quasi-terrorist groups have made it their mission to steal as much of Humanity’s technological secrets  as possible in a forceful attempt to not only undo the errors of mankind, but regain dominance for the Fae.

In their eyes, they are rightful rulers of this earth; thus their lesser kin’s innovations and advancements belong to the Fae anyway.


Perhaps the strangest of the Fae are the Fetch. Shapeshifting creatures, Fetch have no true physical shape of their own; they instead appear as a mirror image of another person. This image is flesh and blood and indistinguishable from the real person, from hair to eyes to skin to voice. They have been known, from time to time, to demonstrate other aspects of their mirrored nature by speaking or taking actions backwards. Rumor says that a Fetch that stays in the same shape too long will be stuck in it and unable to change - true hell for the formless entities.

The Fetch selects their shape at the start of the day and is “locked” in that form until the start of the next day. They can pass for the person they copy at a glance - but they do not automatically act like them.

However, this constant shifting takes a toll. Often, Fetch can experience a sensation of ‘bleed’ - where the emotions and personality traits of one persona can affect another form. Younger Fetch are especially susceptible to this; it can be difficult to form permanent bonds with others when your appearance changes daily. Older Fetch typically have found a small circle of friends they are fiercely loyal to, which helps ground their more erratic behavior.