Terminal Vector Timeline

1959: Fairchild Semiconductor powers on the first silicon-based computer chip. Oddities noticed, quickly covered up.

July 20th 1969: Neil Armstrong lands on the Moon, no sightings of moth people.

January 24th 1990: Japanese Space Agency ISAS mission Hagoromo suffers communications failure. Hiten placed into selenocentric orbit for extended mission after failure. First observation of Moths on lunar surface.

2022 January 9th 2022: Government research contract bid on advanced computing and energy (A.C.E. Project) leads to the merging of several think tanks. Trillium is formed.

2022: After many years of research, with the aid of fledgling quantum computing to locate the source, the Veil is broken. This is regarded as an inflection point in the birth of Scions; while some were born before this date, they were typically the result of secluded cults or magical communities.

August 19th 2022: Mothfall: the first arrival of the Moths And Myrmidons. Due to continuous observation from various lunar projects, they are deemed benign and negotiations are formed to begin integration and trade. Humans are at first reserved, however are won over by their creativity and social structure of being both diligent work force and offering advanced knowledge of aerospace, advanced material science and astronomical data.

November 6th 2022: Fae society begins to integrate with humans.

September 6th-December 30th 2023: Government begins experimenting on biological projects using Fae genetic material. First phage trial is completed by the end of the year. Of the 45 test subjects, 6 survive. Trial two begins.

March 27th 2025: Phage Outbreak in San Mora. Covered up as an outbreak of an advanced form of rabies, dubbed RAVID-25. Public told infected people lose their minds and become increasingly violent, treatment not possible. Area quarantined and public told to lock down. Missing persons cases began to rise. In the wake of this cover up, the EBDA (Emergency Biologic Defense Agency) was formed. The Walls go up.

May 11th 2026: San Mora remains under lock down. No one goes in or out without EBDA clearance. First cases of RAVID-25 appear in San Isid. Panacea formed, begins to “treat” RAVID-25 patients.

August 22nd 2027: Lockdown is lifted for San Isid, San Mora remains walled off. No new cases of RAVID-25 reported in 3 months.

September 6th 2028: 5 Years after the launch of the Phage project, terrorists set off explosions in San Mora. The official cause is pointed towards a growing “truther” movement, however a terrorist organization calling them “The Teeth” take credit shortly after.

October 4th 2028: Trillium begins releasing autonomous machine laborers. First Machinae join the population as a labor force, however rudimentary and not self aware. Economic divide grows.

December 25th 2028: A second explosion goes off, this time an EMP knocking out the power grid. Officials initially report it is the result of a solar flare, contradicted shortly after when The Teeth claim responsibility once more. Riots begin in the city after three weeks of sporadic power failures. Chaos ensues. First wave machinae become non functional, crippling many industries.

January 9th 2029: Trillium is contracted to re-evaluate the city’s infrastructure. Solomon-1 a government funded AI that runs the city, is turned on, and the groundwork for the MagiNet is laid.

October 2031: Fi-Tech Credit services goes bankrupt after a major data breach. 80% of the US population suffers from this breach. Acquired by a Japanese financial company, and the merger creates Haiku Financial Services.

February 2032: Continental Logistics buys a large area between San Mora and San Isid, a new economic boom begins as the city experiences an influx of trade goods between the Faelands and the US. The quality of life increases, more research and tech firms begin to flow into the city as it expands.

June 2032: 10 years after the veil breaks, the city holds a memorial and World Fair for to showcase the advancements in tech. First wave of Magitech products unveiled as well as advances in cybernetics previewed.

April 15th 2033: Haiku breaks ground on an office in the Red Crown district, employing many residents in the area. The redlight district becomes more family friendly as the streets are beginning to be cleaned up and many gangs are pushed out. Acting Director of Haiku is targeted but assassination attempt proves unsuccessful.

April 20th 2034: Drug restrictions in the city are lifted, Cannabis is legalized. Redd’s Lounge opens.

December 2034: MagiNet services available for commercial use. Second wave of Human-like Machinae release.

July 2035: New Babylon Square is completed. Panacea opens a new hospital. Solomon-2 is turned on. This prototype begins to emerge in other cities as an AI infrastructure control computer. Trillium expands project funding.

February 2nd 2040: Second Cold War begins between the Faelands and Russia. US provides back channel aid in exchange for magical advancement.

April 2040: The first convincingly human Machinae begin to emerge in commercial and private sectors as android assistants and laborers.

2041: Panacea and Trillium partner to successfully create the first wave of prosthetics and cybernetics that are more capable than human limbs and organs. Human+ program development begins

May 20th 2042: Trillium begins trialing MagiNet Wireless service. New devices are tested internally. Information on Human+ is leaked by Calavera ahead of the 20th annual Veilbreak Fair. Human+ products become available for preorder, however prices are much higher than the general population can afford and are exclusive to wealthy and military application.

June 10th 2042: MagiNet Wireless is now available to the public. Black market apps begin to surface. Government and Trillium form A.E.G.I.S., a special task force in hunting down illegal magitech and magic services.

July-September 2042: for the first time in 15 years, a new strain of RAVID-25, now dubbed RAVID-42 emerges in Mexico in a violent outbreak, now found to not only affect humans. Symptoms are notably different, however. The border between the US and Mexico closes. San Isid cases begin to emerge. City goes under lockdown once more. Panacea launches Lifeline service.

January 1st 2043: Calavera leaks information on the RAVID-25 and RAVID-42 cases, however what is leaked is misinformation. Public unrest and confusion creates more riots that last for months. Haiku begins buying properties at an advanced rate, fixing them up to bare minimum code standards and leasing them out to individuals at deals that are too good to be true.

March 9th 2043: Privatization of the police begins as they become overwhelmed by the city’s population reacting to the spread of RAVID as well as the growing economic divide.

2044 San Isid’s first Moth Mayor is elected. Koner Gebord is in office for two consecutive terms. City sees improvement as Solomon-3 is turned on. Corporations form a board that works with government officials to gain control over the city’s infrastructure as things become increasingly privatized.

2045 Trillium CEO Terra Barston is assassinated publicly. Soon after Panacea Director Oliver Darrow’s limousine explodes. Darrow survives, however in critical condition and permanently paralyzed from the neck down. Public apathy over corporate assassinations as well as an increased frequency in attacks raises concern with officials. Gang violence increases as police are stretched thin. Privatized security Jack of Spades company launches operations in San Isid.

2046 RAVID-42 positive cases have declined but do not stop. Public has referred to them as “phages” and media fearmongering causes the population to go into hiding. Eigen Media group, a monopolistic news and media company, is targeted by both Calavera and The Teeth, resulting in hacked broadcasts and a newscaster being held hostage and publicly executed on live broadcast. Calavera publicly denounces The Teeth and severs ties.

2047 Law enforcement agencies report they have captured and executed the mastermind behind The Teeth in a raid, resulting in remaining members to go into hiding. Several Calavera agents too are subsequently arrested, however their decentralized network proves difficult in stopping their continued breaches in corporate affairs and leaking data. Human+ services are now available to the general public from Panacea and Trillium. Subsidized loans from government agencies as well as financing through Haiku make these products affordable and attractive to the population. The first ripper doc shops appear as modifications become the new fashion statement.

2048 MagiNet Wireless services expand as new devices prove more difficult to jailbreak. Solomon-3 is turned on, providing officials better control over city wide functions and better monitoring of the MagiNet. Fugue, a new drug, appears as increasing overdoses and addiction rates create a panic. Subjects report strange side effects and experiences.

2049 Calavera breaks the encryption on third generation MagiNet services. As a result A.E.G.I.S. enforcement grows. First sentient and self aware Machinae emerge. A growing population begin to demand rights and unionize.

2050 Strange messages begin to appear on signage throughout the city. Calavera does not claim responsibility. Phage population offered anonymous support services for sourcing cloned blood.

2051 A new coalition of corporate and government officials is elected as seats rotate. Koner Gebord loses his third electoral bid for Mayor to <pending>.

2052 (sim opening): 30th Anniversary of the Veil breaking.