Avatar Creation Guide

As a hybrid Low Fantasy/Cyberpunk setting, we want to ensure everyone can get pretty creative with their avatars and character as much as possible while keeping a general thematic tone to the sim. With this in mind, we've put together a general guide to standards we would like to keep. However, keep in mind that some races, such as the Mothpeople or Myrmidons may have more wiggle room for creativity, while others, such as the Scions, may have additional requirements and restrictions. Refer to your chosen race's info page for specific details you may need when creating your avatar.

Do keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and if you are ever uncertain or just want to ensure that everything is alright, feel free to reach out to staff or request a check of your concept when applying! When in doubt, don't be afraid to ask.

For ease, examples given will be listed under "Approved," "Limited," and "Prohibited." Anything that fits under "Limited" should be approved by staff to ensure that it fits the theme. Anything under "Prohibited" will not be allowed by player characters.

Do keep in mind that even if you are certain things fit and you do not request a check, you may be asked to change by staff if anything is found to be inappropriate or against the rules. If you receive an evaluation or are told by a staff member that a particular avatar will need to be tweaked, whether at application or during play after no inspection was requested AND you ignore the change request, you may receive a warning. The same goes for getting approved and knowingly wearing/using prohibited avatars and items after the fact. Continued infractions may lead to an eventual ban.

If you are PARTICULARLY stuck on a particular concept or a piece, feel free to message us to see if we can make it work!


All avatars should be relatively humanoid in appearance.

With the exception of Mothpeople and Myrmidon, all races are (mostly) native to Earth and most hold a close link to the progress of humanity.

Anything not allowed by the rules is considered cosmetic.

Any augments included that are NOT purchased with XP from the allowed list will be mundane and purely cosmetic, and will be treated no different than your own flesh and blood. They will hold no practical use and will not provide any benefits to health or damage effects. They will also likely not be massive in scope, and will be outlined below for appearance standards. Keep in mind that if you want to use augments with in-game powers, only augments listed on the allowed list will be able to be purchased and used. Rules, functions and costs will be detailed on the augmentation page.

Every character must fit an approved race. 

Even if you are going to be modded up with crazy tech, or biogenetic augments to drastically change your appearance to resemble something wacky or unclear, you will still be considered your race by peers and will have no unique abilities. Feel free to play up fun quirks and IC interactions, though!

Most races will generally have a 20/80 rule, or a "One Weird Detail" clause.

Another general rule when picking outlandish features is to keep a decent ratio with humanoid features. If you pick someone particularly noteworthy, such as a unique head, inhuman skin color, or strange arms or legs, the rest will likely need to balance it out.

Most people applying in as Myrmidons or Scions will be asked to show their avatar during the approval process. Do keep in mind that it is not personal nor means to restrict creativity, it is only to make sure nothing breaks the rules due to heavily unique appearances and rules!

Approved examples: 

Most "mainstream" heads (Lelutka, Catwa, Akeruka, LOGO, LAQ, etc.) Any explicitly human or race-adhering Bespoke heads (Ronin, Hag, Elf, Luna Moth for Mothpeople only, and the Yokai Centipede for Myrmidon only,) Aii Centipede body for Myrmidon only, Insectoid legs and wings for Mythos races, most ears/tails, dermal horns and thorns, antennae, smaller scale augmentations for cosmetics (bionic eye, ports and jaws, mechanical hand, etc.;) fangs or sharp teeth, unique tongues, sharpened nails/clawed tips, partially augmented flesh, unique tattoos and markings, features adhering to unique Scion heritage rules, inhuman/unique helmets or masks, armor made for human forms.

Limited examples: 

Bioengineered hooves and claws, tentacles, extra arms, wings (non-Mythos,) Inhuman skin colors (non-Scion, Mythos or Machina,) large patches of scales, cosmetic augments that take up over half of the body, chitin on non-Myrmidon, Overly-heavy or blocky armor or Machina (No, you can't be a Gundam. Yes, I know, it sucks. )

Bespoke heads built on a human-esque skull base are VERY RARELY approved. If you have a cool enough idea or concept, it might be approved for use in a cosmetically modified human. Talk to staff before you waste any money, though.

Prohibited examples:

Full-animal appearances, Quadrupedal or "feral" type forms, any furry or anime bodies or heads (Utilizator, Kemono, Cerberus, Bird-E-Mart, etc;) Any permanent heads (Organic or augmented) that are not based off of a human-esque skull form from Bespoke (Pitbull, Horse, Mouse, Cow, anything that has a muzzle/snout, or any particularly monstrous examples) Child or childlike avatars of ANY form, Overly-cartoony paw/claw/digi feet (and most, unless used in an race-approved context,) any "Taur" or full-beast bottom halves (that are not explicitly approved for Myrmidon use,) excessively large avatars, excessively (literally) flashing or laggy parts,  excessive horror and gore.