Skills have four ranks, resulting in “Untrained”, “Capable”, “Trained”, and “Specialized.”

Cost per rank increases as the character levels up in that skill - 2/3/4 MegaCredits per rank.

Available skills:

Aim - Ability to use non-firearms ranged weapons.

Arcanum - Knowledge of magical workings.

Athletics - Physical fitness, moving quickly, dodging a wrench

Awareness - Noticing subtle details in an environment.

Culture - Knowledge of a society and its customs. Social and political interaction.

Deceit - Ability to deceive others or detect lies

Drive - Skill in operating cars or other machinery.

Drone - Skill in drone manipulation.

Engineering - Skill at building or blowing things up.

Firearms - Ability with guns and other firearms.

Hack - Knowledge of manipulating computer systems in order to achieve unauthorized access.

Heavy - Skill with heavy weaponry

Intimidate - Bullying others into sharing your point of view.

Lore - Knowledge of magical civilizations or races.

Magic Sense - Ability to detect magic.

Medical - Ability to heal or work with medicinal drugs.

Melee - Ability with melee weapons

Occult - Knowledge of otherworldly beings.

Perform - Art of communication and entertainment

Persuade - Convince others and inspire emotions.

Repair - Ability to fix broken technology

Stealth - Ability to sneak, disable electronic locks, pickpocket etc.

Study - Detailed knowledge of a technical subject.

Unarmed - Skill in unarmed combat disciplines.

Note: Social skills do not assure any sort of success in character vs character conflicts. It may make the other person more likely to listen to your point of view, but cannot be used in order to force others to do your bidding. They may be more effective in Storyteller scenes, at ST discretion.