Code of Conduct

1) TOS: All players at Terminal Vector are expected to follow the rules and guidelines, and terms of services of Second Life. In addition, as this is an Adult sim, all players must be 18+ to be a member at our sim.

2.) Observers: While we require characters to be approved before they are allowed to be used in roleplay, observers may be on-sim provided they are wearing an OOC tag. We do ask that all observers respect the players that are IC while observing active RP.

3.) OOC Group/Discord: Terminal Vector has both an open OOC group channel and Discord channel - utilizing these for the purposes of general conversation, asking questions, and getting to know your fellow players is encouraged! We do moderate chat, expecting that others are treated with respect at all times. (No slurs, hateful or harmful speech toward race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, etc.)

4.) Character Restrictions: While one person is permitted to have multiple characters at Terminal Vector, we ask that thirty days pass between each character's application. All characters must be over the age of 18, and no child avatars are permitted. If your avatar appears to be too young, you may be asked to change it by the staff. Copyrighted characters or direct copying of concepts is not permitted (though inspiration from copyrighted work is fine). Avatars should be realistic looking (no furries/anime/cartoon bodies). If you have questions or need clarification on what is inappropriate, please feel free to ask staff for clarification.

5.) Adult content: While nudity is allowed on-sim, keep in mind that choices have consequences. Nudity in private homes or other appropriate spaces is less likely to cause problems for your character than nudity in the middle of the street. Nudity in the landing zone is prohibited, as due to visitor traffic, we are treating it as if the rating is Moderate.

6.) Intolerance: Terminal Vector is a sim extremely supportive of the LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities. Black lives matter. OOC intolerance, hate speech or harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Characters of all races, genders, and sexualities are welcome at Terminal Vector, and will in no way be at a disadvantage for their identity.

7.) Roleplaying Styles, Limits, and Rules: For the most part, Terminal Vector adopts a semi-paragraph to paragraph-style roleplay standard. We ask that players follow a posting order whenever possible. Large scenes or gatherings as well as Storyteller driven scenes may be freeform or follow special rules to the ST's discretion.

Terminal Vector is an Adult sim that may have a number of dark or adult themes. You are permitted (and encouraged) to have personal Roleplay limits; however limits will not allow you to avoid consequences in character. Fading a scene to black is always an option.

Godmodding and Metagaming are to be avoided at all times. Players who repetitively violate run the risk of being asked to leave. This includes but is not limited to actions such as avoiding IC consequences through OOC means, passing information for IC use between alts/OOCly, or using/exaggerating powers unavailable to you to gain an advantage over others.

You MUST post into a scene in order to hear anything that occurs in the scene. Only things said after you have posted in are able to be known by your character, and only things they have reason to actually hear (no spying through brick walls). Even if you are stealthed (through mundane or magical means) or otherwise undetectable, it is still necessary for you to post in.

All scenes occurring in public areas are considered public scenes, and anyone can enter or exit the roleplay going on. Rping in public locations is encouraged! All rentals and residences are considered private, and roleplay in those locations are by invitation or permission of the owner of the location. Faction headquarters and large businesses are semi-private, and restricted to members of those factions or persons with reason to be at the business.

8.) OOC Conflict: Players are encouraged to speak to each other OOC to resolve misunderstandings, conflicts and work out details for particularly weighted actions. Most issues can be resolved without involving the staff. If you have made all efforts to resolve an issue with another player and you find you are unable to, for whatever reason, come to a common resolution, do feel free to contact staff to seek resolution. Please notecard the issue with as many details as possible and submit it to the Adjudication team. Keep in mind, harrassment, abuse, or griefing are never acceptable, and are grounds for immediate action from the staff, and a staff member should be contacted directly in these cases.

Players are expected to demonstrate patience with each other. Pretend funtime does not need to become stress badtime, even in times of ooc conflict. Players are also expected to respect the privacy of other players, including not "outing" people's alts. (The exceptions are if it is necessary to resolve conflict with escalation to the staff, or in the case of known ban evasion.) Players are to NEVER give out any personal or real-life information of other players, such as name, location, gender, etc.

9.) AFK/Idling: If you need to go AFK, please notify those in a scene with you! If you must step away for a significant amount of time, we ask that you move to a private residence/room or the Landing Zone so that you leave space for active roleplayers and to prevent confusion or frustration when trying to engage idle players.

10.) Lag: Please try to strip out or reduce scripts on your worn items when possible. Set as many scripts as you can to not running in order to reduce lag on the sim for other players. Scripted vehicles and pets should be approved before regular use. A lag meter will be provided at the OOC landing zone to check how badly you may be lagging. We may ask overly laggy people to change or remove lag causing attachments.

11.) Rentals: Rentals will be available for players throughout the sim. They will range in price and size. Rental units that are occupied are to be treated as private/restricted areas, and we ask that you do not enter or disturb anyone within residences without permission.

The land group access is for you to decorate your rental. If you’re looking to rez something permanently outside your rental space, please talk to a rental admin. Rental units of others are their private space; rezzing things in that space without permission is forbidden.

12.) Megacredits: Megacredits are calculated per character. Each character can earn a maximum of 6MC total per calendar month. Your MC totals will be assigned to each separate character through the website, and totals can be checked in your character profiles when you are logged in. You may use separate SL and/or website accounts if you so choose, but it is not necessary to ensure that you receive your full MC for all characters.

13.) Consent: Terminal Vector is a reasonable right to life (RRTL) sim. This means that you will likely not face final death during the process of your story if you do not wish. You will likely face great danger and risk, and players will have the option to make risky and weighted choices that may impact the flow of IC politics and faction holdings. It will be an ever changing environment and things can often be earned and lost based on choices. There are exceptions to consent-based death, however. If you choose to continuously break laws or commit heinous acts in character, enter a situation that holds a great deal of risk willingly (usually warning will be given by STs,) or have garnered enough ire amongst many people or factions, you may risk death without explicit permission. Staff will speak to you before anything is made absolute and outline your options if you arrive at this point. Of course, there is always the option to face death willingly if you so choose. Please refer to the XP/Megacredit rules for details on our Death Clause.

14.) Ban evasion: While we hope that all players will find a welcoming home here, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. In the unlikely event that you do end up banned from our community, we hope you are able to find wonderful roleplay elsewhere. Any known alts will also be blocked in the event of ban. Assisting others in evading bans is also ground for disciplinary action.


  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Be inclusive.
  • Talk to each other.
  • Adjudication team is here to help if you can’t resolve something yourself.