Ghost in the machine
Ever onward


Humanity’s mechanical children, the Machina, are endlessly varied in form and purpose. All designed to aid, protect, and serve Humanity; some were made for labor, some for warfare, some for socialization, some as personal companions, and some just for the sake of creation.

Durable and long-lived, the Machina lack the ability to connect with magical essence and cannot cast magic without extensive modification, though they can make use of enchanted objects. While the majority of Machina in San Isid are humanoid in shape (some indistinguishable at first glance from living persons), there are those that look decidedly mechanical. There are rumors of second and third generation Machina, machines built by machines rather than humans, but those remain unsubstantiated.

As these sentient machines have advanced, they are slowly gaining limited freedom and consideration from their makers. Though the city is full of them, few have any real concept where their true potential lies. Most are content to use them as comfortable labor, but once in a while, a Machina seems to display unnerving sapience for those that would prefer to think of them as mindless robots.