That wizard came from the moon


When the Veil fell, many regarded it as a minor concern - surely, the things it protected against couldn’t be that frightening?

The Mothpeople would beg to differ.

Ever since their planet was made uninhabitable by Outer Beings, they have wandered the cosmos - until finding a little ball of blue that seemed to be ignored.

For forever and a day they have lived on the moon, waiting. Watching.

But when the veil fell, there was a need to act. Binding themselves into a massive ball that traveled from our celestial neighbor, the Mothpeople arrived without much fanfare - and fluttered off to find things to be interested in. Explaining to those they encountered what was coming.

Typically varied in stature, the unique features of the Mothpeople vary, but include antennae, decorative plumes, large eyes, and multiple limbs. While they may have wings, they are unable to fly due to earth’s increased gravity.

They often form groups amongst themselves, as their nomadic tradition created tight knit communities. Before traveling to earth, the Mothpeople stayed in the light of the sun to keep warm as they traveled across the surface of the moon. Because of this, they often find no attachment to places, instead placing their sentimental value in their possessions and entertainment.

Culturally they tend to be playful, yet deep into the things they collect - a mothman is absolutely the type to be a vinyl junkie, sneakerhead, comic nerd, jewelry connoisseur, or sommelier. Or, more accurately, all of those at once - some others derogatorily refer to them as ‘hoarders.’ Each one will have their specialty, leading them to be the curators and appraisers of the city’s assorted junk. If someone is looking for something rare, chances are the Mothpeople will know where to find it. Of course, there is a catch - the Mothpeople dislike middlemen, so bartering with them directly is often more successful.

If you’ve ever needed a collection of assorted spoons explained to you in an excited manner, a Mothperson is the right one to ask. They may place extraordinary value on things others have overlooked.

And sometimes, they are right to do so.


Honorable insectoids
A phalanx against the darkness


The Myrmidons are less a race than a cooperative collective, insectile and varied in form. Far less delicate on the whole than the Mothpeople they revere, the Myrmidons are strong and tough. As the Mothpeople traveled the stars in search of a safe place to live, they encountered a race not unlike them - and rescued them from their own near extinction as a result of the machinations of an unknown outer being.

Forming tight knit groups, often with others adopted into that circle in a slightly overbearing manner, they are fiercely loyal to those they care about.

Strictly bound by a code of honor, some Myrmidons feel they owe the Mothpeople their service for the rescue. The Mothpeople have no concept of hierarchy and tend to be unaware of the Myrmidon's feelings in that regard, fluttering off in search of new and exciting pursuits without warning, causing much consternation amongst the honorable Myrmidons.

Despite the difference between the two groups, they have found a home and society together, reaching a peaceful and productive balance.

Myrmidons tend, on a whole, to be chitinous with insectoid features. Whether many-legged like the centipede or armored like the beetle, the Myrmidons have found their shape and size uniquely suits them for all sorts of strength-based careers. That’s not to say there aren’t sharp minds within those exoskeletons; their mastery of war over the centuries has created unparalleled instincts for tactics and planning. They do, however, tend to follow societal structures strongly, looking for a chain of command even when none may be present.

Myrmidons may use a variety of insect parts when creating their avatars, but we do require the final product be fairly humanoid in appearance, especially in the face. Per the Code of Conduct, anime/furry avatars are not permitted. If you have questions about a Myrmidon concept, please ask an Admin.