Magic is controlled by technology, so why can’t technology be controlled by magic?

Primary Focus: Utility
Secondary Focus: Support


  • Nanorepair (Close)
    Restore up to 2 Body to a Machina, or perform minor repairs on a machine.
  • Electropathy (Close, Channeled, Indirect)
    While channeling, the caster can communicate with any single computer within Close range, and can use their action to interact with it as normal (including hacking). At the start of the caster’s turn, they may target a new computer within range.
  • Sense Current (Close)
    Gain a list of a target's cybernetics.
  • Blind Spot (Self, Channeled)
    While channeling, the caster is undetectable by electronic means. Characters attempting to spot the caster lose all bonuses to Awareness and other detection effects from electronic sources.


  • Cyberstasis (Close)
    Hamper one piece of cybernetics on a target. That character acts as if they do not have that upgrade. (ie. If Hypertrophic Muscle Enhancement is targeted, they can still punch but only do Light damage). This effect lasts three rounds.
  • Communications Override (Close)
    Take control of any number of speakers within range. The caster may have them play any audio file lasting no longer than 30 seconds.
  • Greater Nanorepair (Passive)
    Nanorepair now restores up to 3 Body, and allows for moderate repairs.
  • Failsafe (Passive)
    Once a scene, the first time the caster begins a round at less than half HP, roll a 1d20. On 11+, Nanorepair is automatically cast on the caster at no action or Source cost, healing them even if they are not a machina.


  • Perfect Synthesis (Close)
    Restore up to 7 Body to a Machina and remove a status effect, or perform major repairs.
  • Catalytic Override (Close)
    Any number of targets gain a one rank bonus to the effects of their cybernetics. This effect lasts three rounds.
  • Greater Communications Override (Passive)
    When using Communications Override, it may be performed at Long range. Alternatively, take control of video screens and play video files on them.
  • Greater Blind Spot (Passive)
    While using Blind Spot, any characters within Touch range are also under the effects of Blind Spot.
  • Greater Failsafe (Passive)
    Failsafe automatically applies without needing a roll.
  • Graceful Degradation (Passive)
    If the caster is Overclocking with a CAST device, they treat any Overclock roll as a 20.


Burnout (Close)

Any electronics besides cybernetics and machina within range are disabled. Cybernetics are instead affected with Cyberstatis. This effect lasts one round.