Fire nurtures, and fire destroys. Practitioners of Pyromancy harness the power of elemental flame for both purposes.

Pyromancers have natural immunity to their own summoned fire, but not fire as a whole.

Primary Focus: Area Damage
Secondary Focus: Buffs


  • Spark (Self)
    The caster can summon a small flame into their hand. This effect lasts until the end of a scene or until dismissed.
  • Burning Heart (Self)
    The caster gains temporary immunity to all sources of fire - though this does not apply to clothing or carried items. This effect lasts three rounds.
  • Warmth Within (Self, Channeled)
    The caster taps into the hearthfire and acts as a calming beacon. All allies within Near range receive a one rank bonus to all skill checks.
  • Bouncing Flame (Close)
    Summon a ball of flame and throw it at a target, making a Light Aim attack. If the attack hits, it can chain to a second target within Near range of the first. The caster makes the second attack roll with a one rank penalty.
  • Quell (Close, Channeled)
    Each round this is channeled, the caster may extinguish all fire within Touch range of a point.


  • Inferno Burst (Self)
    The caster becomes the center point for an explosion of flame, sending fire out in all directions. Make a single Heavy Aim attack roll against all characters within Blast range.
  • Fire Frontier (Near)
    Flames leap from the ground between the caster and a targeted point, covering the ground in a line three meters wide. Characters that start their turn in the area, or characters who enter the area for the first time in their turn take Medium damage. This effect lasts four rounds.
  • Ignite (Self)
    The caster bursts into flame, reducing the damage the caster takes from non-magical sources to half (rounded up) and inflicting Light damage on anyone who attacks them in Touch range. This effect lasts for two rounds and does not stack with other effects that reduce incoming damage.
  • Greater Burning Heart (Passive)
    Burning Heart’s immunity extends to clothing and carried items, and now lasts until the end of the scene.
  • Flame Attunement (Passive)
    The caster may choose to use Arcanum instead of the normal attack roll while attacking with fire-based spells.


  • Sunstriker (Self)
    The caster creates a Medium damage sword of flame. When attacking with this weapon, the first Edge the user spends on their turn is refunded. The weapon lasts until the end of the scene.
  • Fireball (Close)
    Hurl a flaming orb at a visible point. Make a Heavy Aim attack against all characters within Blast range of that point. They take Heavy damage if it succeeds, or Light damage if it fails.
  • Fire’s Fury (Passive)
    The caster may spend an Edge point to increase the damage rank of a fire-based attack by one step (Light -> Medium -> Heavy). This must be declared before making the attack.
  • Phoenix Heart (Passive)
    When the caster is knocked unconscious, they may choose to release their elemental energy. If they do, a phoenix made of flame explodes from their chest, dealing Heavy damage to everyone within Blast range.


Conflagration of Hope (Self)
The caster’s flames swirl around them, providing protection to those they wish. All allies within Near range of the caster are refunded for the first Edge they spend on defensive rolls in a turn. This effect lasts two rounds.