Leylines are routes of extreme power, and the locations where they cross stand out to Portalcrafters like beacons in the dark. Moving from Point A to point B is an extremely relative thing for practitioners; miles may as well be inches for those that know how to step properly. However, teleporting to an unfamiliar place is a good way to end up inside a wall.

Portals cannot be closed while obstructed. Instead, the obstruction will simply be ejected to one side or the other as it closes.

Primary Focus: Utility

Secondary Focus: Combat Utility


  • Leystep (Limitless, Indirect, Ritual) Open a doorway to a specific ley point, allowing the caster to go in either direction.
  • Snatch (Close) Teleport a loose item under 5 pounds in weight directly into the caster’s hand. The item cannot be on anyone’s person.
  • Blink (Close) Teleport the caster to an unobstructed surface that the caster can see.
  • Safe (Self) Access a personal pocket dimension to retrieve items previously stored within. Stored items must be nonliving and fit within half a cubic meter. Only one item may be retrieved at a time.


  • Thousand Cuts (Long) The caster uses a series of portals to attack from multiple locations nigh simultaneously. Make three Light Melee or Unarmed attacks split across one or more targets. If they all miss, suffer Medium damage and become Stunned.
  • Planestep (Limitless, Indirect, Ritual) Open doorways to any location the caster is personally familiar with, allowing up to three willing targets to go in either direction.
  • Greater Blink (Passive) Blink is able to teleport a willing target in Touch range in place of the caster.
  • Greater Safe (Passive) When using Safe, stored items must fit within a cubic meter instead.
  • Veilstrike (Passive) The caster opens localized portals, relocating a part of their body or a weapon to attack at a range. Any attack with a range of Touch may instead be made at Close range.


  • Time Out (Close) The caster and one other character are shunted into the space between realities. Neither can leave until one is knocked unconscious, or they both verbally agree to leave. While in the shunt, characters cannot affect or be affected by those outside of it.
  • Dimensional Gate (Limitless, Indirect, Channeled) Open large-scale doorways to familiar locations that allow anyone to pass through while the caster concentrates.
  • Into the Unknown (Limitless, Indirect) Open a portal to an unfamiliar location, as long as it has been described in detail or the caster possesses an item of significance from that location.
  • Empowered Safe (Passive) When using Safe, stored items must fit within two cubic meters instead.
  • Empowered Blink (Passive) Blink may be cast at Long range.
  • One Step Away (Passive) When casting Portalcraft spells, the caster may ignore the Ritual tag.
  • Rescue (Passive) Unconscious individuals can now be moved through the caster’s portals.


Personal Space (Near, Channeled) The caster and everyone within range are shunted into the space between realities. Characters cannot leave this space, but may enter from the outside. While in the shunt, characters cannot affect or be affected by those outside of it, and they take Light damage at the start of their turn.