Most people believe that those no longer living have completed their earthly tasks and have nothing more to contribute to society. Practitioners of Necromancy know that those people simply lack vision. Is it difficult to raise a family? Not if they’re buried close enough together.

There are several burial pits located throughout San Isid. Those without the money for cremation end up in these pits after death, and become free game for Necromancers. Necromancers are expected to return bodies to the burial pits after use.

Primary Focus: Summons
Secondary Focus: Debuffs, Utility


  • Seance (Close, Indirect)
    Communicate with a corpse to inquire about events that have occured in its locale. The corpse must be two weeks or younger, and still physically capable of speech.
  • Plaguehorde (Self, Channeled)
    Call forth the corpses of rats, insects, and other vermin to surround the caster, causing disgust or fear in those that see the horde. All enemies within Near range of the caster receive a one rank debuff to all skill checks.
  • Arise, Puppet (Touch, Summon)
    Summon a Risen Dead.
  • Blight (Touch)
    Cause food to rot or small objects to weaken. Any skill checks made to break these objects are made with a one skill rank bonus.
  • Risen Dead (Passive)
    Risen Dead have 1 Body. They can perform basic tasks but cannot communicate.


  • Stricken (Touch)
    Induce rapid decay in organic material and living tissue which appears as blackened, rotting flesh. Deal Medium damage to one target and prevent them from being healed. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.
  • Mass Blight (Self, Channeled)
    The caster blights an area around them, wilting plants and causing magical sickness to anyone standing within the circle. All enemies within Near range of the caster cannot use Edge Points and receive a one rank debuff to all skill checks.
  • Leech Force (Self)
    Feed upon latent necrotic energy. The caster regains up to four points, divided as they chose between Body and Source.
  • Greater Risen Dead (Passive)
    Risen Dead become Capable in Unarmed.


  • Army of Bones (Touch, Summon)
    Simultaneously raise and control up to three Risen Dead. These count as a single summon, but may be given separate commands.
  • Exalted Dead (Touch, Summon)
    Raise an undead protector. The Exalted Dead has 6 Body, is Trained in Unarmed, and has the Bodyguard merit.
  • Soulcage (Self, Ritual)
    The caster imbues their soul into an object of their choice. If the caster later dies, they awake a day later in a reconstructed body at the location of their Soulcage. A character may only have one Soulcage at a time, and if the Soulcage is destroyed the effect ends. This spell requires reagents and Storyteller involvement. This ability requires a Ticket.
  • Lifesense (Passive)
    The caster can sense any dead bodies within Close range, and can tell whether a target is living or not.
  • Empowered Risen Dead (Passive)
    Risen Dead become Trained in Unarmed.


Grave Mercy (Close)
The caster unleashes a vortex of necrotic energy. They choose any number of targets, then split ten points of healing between them. Unconscious characters may be restored to one Body with five points.