Some mages are less hands-on than others. Practitioners of Evocation know that sometimes, the best way to reach your goals is to have someone else take care of it for you.

Knowing the name of a being grants you further power over it. Evokers that learn the names of given summons can summon them repeatedly, increasing their command over the creature and the ability to compel them to do more complicated tasks.


Primary Focus: Summoning
Secondary Focus: Combat Utility


  • Summon Pixie (Touch, Summon)
    A minor Fae, Pixies are small and not especially intelligent. Able to fly, they can be useful as spies, distractions, and can be ordered to go into small spaces and complete minor tasks. Pixies have 1 Body and are Trained in Stealth.
  • Summon Imp (Touch, Summon)
    A minor Outer Being, Imps are small and clever creatures. They can be ordered to perform tasks with multiple steps, to follow a target, and to retrieve objects for their summoner. Imps have 3 Body and are Capable in Awareness, Deceit, and Magic Sense.
  • Celestial Barrier (Self, Shield)
    The caster summons an aegis made of celestial energy. They become Shielded.
  • Eldritch Armory (Self)
    The caster manifests an eldritch weapon of legend. The weapon may either be a Touch range Melee weapon, or a Near range Aim weapon, and does Medium damage. The weapon grants a one rank effort bonus to attack rolls using it, but prevents the spending of Edge on attacks. This effect lasts three rounds.


  • Circle of Power (Touch, Ritual)
    The caster empowers a drawn protective circle no larger than Touch radius. Often used when first making contact with a dangerous entity, nothing from inside the circle can cross to the outside - unless something from the outside interrupts the circle. This effect lasts until the end of the scene or until dismissed.
  • Summon Hunter (Touch, Summon)
    Summon an eldritch hound to track a target. It requires a sample of the target’s scent or magical signature, as well as OOC coordination with the target. Once it has reached the target, it lets out a terrorizing howl to call the caster. The Hunter is capable of limited portalcraft, used entirely in its frenzied hunt for the target. The Hunter has 5 Body, 4 Source, the ability to cast Blink, and is Trained in Athletics, Awareness, and Intimidate.
  • Summon Guardian (Touch, Summon)
    Summon a guardian spirit. It is capable of most simple tasks, though it will not stray far from whoever the caster nominates as the person it is meant to protect. It has 6 Body, is Capable in Athletics, and has the Bodyguard merit.
  • Demonic Spear (Touch)
    Summon an eldritch spear, dripping with malice, that cannot miss its target. The target takes Medium damage. This damage cannot be avoided or reduced.
  • Banish (Near, Ritual)
    The caster undertakes a ritual to banish all but the most powerful Summoned creatures to their home plane.
  • Greater Celestial Barrier (Passive)
    Celestial Barrier can instead be cast on a target within Touch range.
  • Veranomen (Passive)
    The caster can make use of Summoned creatures’ true names, if they can convince them to share it. Named Summons manifest for up to a full day, and can be given orders spanning that time frame. To learn a Summoned creature’s name, the caster must submit a ticket. This can be performed once a month.
  • Greater Summoner (Passive)
    The caster can have two Summoned Evocation creatures under their control at once.


  • Call from Myth (Touch, Summon)
    If the caster has discovered a summoning formula in their research, they may attempt to summon a mythical entity. There is nothing guaranteeing that the entity will be receptive to their call, or that they will obey once having arrived. Entities of this power level are often consigned to myth and legend; attaining summons of the third rank requires Storyteller involvement and must be ticketed.
  • Greater Circle of Power (Passive)
    Circle of Power may now last up to a week.
  • Greater Banish (Passive)
    Banish may be cast without the Ritual tag. If it is cast in this manner, the caster makes an Opposed roll against the Summoned creature.
  • Greater Veranomen (Passive)
    Named Summons can manifest for up to a month, and can be given orders spanning that time frame. Orders that last longer than a day must be Ticketed.
  • Empowered Summoner (Passive)
    The caster can have three Summoned Evocation creatures under their control at once.
  • Learn More In World
    The summoning books of most Evokers are closely guarded secrets. Achieving the pinnacle of power for this school will require diligent research - or underhanded trickery.


Spam Incoming (Touch, Summon)
The caster’s CAST device randomly dials an extraplanar entity and beseeches their aid. Roll an unmodified d20. On a 10+, the entity summoned is beneficial in some way, and on a 20, there will be a major beneficial effect. Otherwise, it is actively hostile to both the caster and their enemy. On a 1, it decides the caster is its primary target. This ability only operates in ST scenes. In non-ST scenes, it instead acts as a rapid one-post cast of one of the caster’s spells with the Summon tag.