Sight is a critical sense often taken for granted by those that possess it. Practitioners of Scrying have learned to augment their sight to a frightening degree. What is distance, what is the past, what is the future to those that know how to see?

Unless otherwise specified, scrying is a visual magic, with no ability for audible discernment.

Primary Focus: Utility
Secondary Focus: Support


  • Raven’s Eye (Limitless, Indirect, Channeled)
    Observe a public location the caster is familiar with from above, at distance, in real time while concentrating.
  • Divination (Touch, Ritual)
    Observe bits of the past around a specific object in the caster’s hands - though this can be dangerous. This ability requires a Storyteller or a Ticket.
  • Foresight (Passive)
    Once per scene, the caster can glimpse a few seconds into the future. The first attack attempted against them automatically fails.


  • Clairvoyance (Self, Ritual)
    Once per month, the caster can perform a Divination to ask a specific question about the future. This is not guaranteed to come to pass, but will often give some useful insight. This ability requires a Ticket.
  • Hound’s Scent (Limitless, Indirect)
    Can locate a target based on one of their belongings, provided they are not in a warded area.
  • Creep (Limitless, Indirect, Channeled)
    The caster observes, in real time, a specific target that is known to them. If the target is unknown, they can still be observed provided the caster has an item of great significance belonging to the target.
  • Greater Divination (Passive)
    Divination now allows the caster to observe recent events that occurred in a location.
  • Shared Foresight (Passive)
    Once per scene, the caster can warn another person about an incoming attack. The first attack attempted against an ally automatically fails.


  • Ominous Portent (Self, Ritual)
    Once per month, the caster can perform a Divination to get some vague mention of a future event that is likely to come to pass. This ability requires a Ticket.
  • Astral Projection (Limitless, Indirect, Channeled)
    Can project an Astral Projection, allowing them to appear as a spirit at a remote location, able to communicate audibly with those present. While astral projecting, the caster cannot move either themselves or their spirit form.
  • Empowered Divination (Passive)
    Divination now allows a caster to view historical events. Additionally, the caster can play through it forwards and backwards, zooming in on characteristics of interest. This is only available for recent events, unless approved by a Storyteller.
  • Arcane Impression (Passive)
    The caster gains a one rank mastery bonus to all Magic Sense rolls.
  • Dreamsight (Passive)
    When the caster touches a willing target, they may view their most recent dream.
  • Truesight (Passive)
    The caster has learned to use every eye. Whenever they encounter a magical illusion, they are not fooled by it unless the illusion’s source succeeds on an Opposed roll against the scryer.


Seek Beyond (Near)
The destruction of valuable objects leaves an impression on the timestream. When viewing a historical event, the caster can overclock to make an attempt to recover a copy of an item immediately before its destruction. This copy is made of magic, and will fade within 24 hours.