The organic world is as complicated as any technological system and is a powerful force, even in a city. Practitioners of Naturalism can tap into and influence the complex web that all living things are connected to in ways that are often overlooked by those more focused on tech.

Primary Focus: Support
Secondary Focus: Utility


  • Breath of Nature (Close)
    Breathe a healing mist that knits closed wounds. Stabilize a dying target or restore up to 2 Body points to a living target.
  • Vineshield (Near)
    Grow weeds, vines, or bark up to two cubic meters large to act as a temporary barrier. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.
  • Wildspeak (Self)
    The caster gains the ability to communicate with animals. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.
  • Owlsight (Self)
    Gain the vision of the Owl and see long distances in the dark. Gain a one rank bonus to Awareness checks made at night. This effect lasts until the scene ends.
  • Barkskin (Self)
    Harden the caster’s skin to bark, reducing all incoming damage by one point. This effect lasts two rounds, and does not stack with other effects that reduce incoming damage.


  • Furry Friends (Near)
    Make minor requests of nearby animals, sending them to complete simple errands or tasks.
  • Breath of the Wild (Close)
    Collect the healing mists into more precise strands that seek out wounds. Restore up to 5 Body to a living target.
  • Plantspeak (Self)
    The caster gains the ability to communicate with plants. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.
  • Entangle (Close)
    Vines sprout up, originating from the caster and wrapping around their foes. Each enemy may choose to take Light damage. If they do not, they cannot move for one round. If the enemy is within Blast range of the caster, they instead cannot move for two rounds if they forgo the damage.
  • Cleansing Breath (Touch)
    Choose one: free a target from all mind-altering effects, or cure them of poison and natural diseases.
  • Greater Barkskin (Passive)
    Barkskin can instead be cast on a target within Touch range. When the caster targets themselves, the effect instead lasts for three rounds.


  • Restoration (Touch, Ritual)
    The caster regrows a limb - either their own or someone else’s.
  • Wildshift (Self)
    Take on the form of a small animal. The caster retains their stats but cannot cast spells or use cybernetics while in this form. This effect lasts until the end of the scene or until dismissed.
  • Bloom Within (Close)
    The caster turns into a font of healing vapor. All living allies within range restore up to 2 Body. All living allies within Blast range restore up to 4 Body instead.
  • Greater Breath of Nature (Passive)
    Breath of Nature now restores 3 Body if the target has less than half their Body points remaining.
  • Symbiosis (Passive)
    Each time the caster heals a target other than themselves, they restore 1 Body.
  • Soul of the Wild (Passive)
    The caster gains immunity to poisons and natural diseases.
  • One with Nature (Passive)
    Wildspeak and Plantspeak become Passive.


Natural Communion (Touch)
Stimulate rapid healing in any target. Their wounds knit, restoring their Body points to full. After two rounds the temporary patch job unravels, and their Body points revert to what they were prior to this effect if that value is lower than their current Body. If the target was unconscious, they regain the ability to act for the duration of this effect, and then lose consciousness again.