The stars are closer than you think.


Primary Focus: Manipulation
Secondary Focus: Defense


  • Stellar Guidance (Self)
    The next time the caster would make a skill check outside of combat, they may roll twice and pick the result to keep. The effect lasts until the end of the scene, or until it is used on a skill check.
  • Northstar (Touch)
    Manifest a ball of light that guides the caster to a location or person. The caster must have some knowledge of its position, or something important from the person or location. This effect lasts until the scene ends.
  • Benefic (Touch)
    Restore up to 1 Body to a living creature within range.
  • Weal & Woe (Passive)
    Any time a dice is rolled, the caster may spend 1 Source to add or subtract 1 from the end result.


  • Sight Eternal (Self)
    The caster can see through illusions and detect those concealed by magic. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.
  • Synastry (Close)
    Target a character. The next spell targeting the caster also affects the target. This effect lasts until the end of the scene or until it is used.
  • Moonfire (Close)
    Target a character with celestial flames, causing Light damage at the start of their turn. This effect lasts two rounds.
  • Wheel of Fate (Passive)
    When the caster’s Body, Source or Edge reaches 0, they roll an unmodified d20. On a result of 18+, they restore 1 point in that stat.
  • Greater Benefic (Passive)
    Benefic now restores up to 2 points, split as the caster wills between Body and Source.


  • Fatestitcher (Self)
    The caster plucks at the strands of fate, changing just the right things so that something improbable but not impossible happens. The caster may find a mundane item in a public space, run into a future love interest in a meet-cute story, find a job position that just opened up, or any number of other things that could be generally considered “Lucky”. Any rolls made out of combat may be affected by Weal & Woe without paying its Source cost. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.
  • Starform (Self)
    Become incorporeal for two rounds, able to pass through solid objects. The caster is immune to damage and negative effects but may not attack while in this form.
  • Greater Weal & Woe (Passive)
    Weal & Woe now changes the rolled dice by 2.
  • Empowered Benefic (Passive)
    Benefic may now optionally restore 1 Edge, but no other points.
  • Veil of Stars (Passive)
    The caster may now use Arcanum to defend.


Ascendency (Self)

The caster reaches into the stars and brings back a fresh strand of fate. They cast one spell from any school immediately, without Channeling and without paying its cost. It has no cast time. Their Body, Edge and Source are reduced to 1 and may not be restored for the duration of the scene. Additionally, they become Stunned.