Why cast a spell when you can twist leylines directly? Knowledge is power; but power is also power.

Primary Focus: Control
Secondary Focus: Utility


  • Shatter (Close, Ritual)
    Break a ward that has a single ward effect.
  • Dispel (Close, Opposed)
    Dispel one ongoing magical effect that is level one or below. If the effect is on a hostile target, the caster must succeed on an Opposed roll. This does not affect enchanted items, wards or pacts.
  • Flow (Close)
    Reduce or extend the duration of a cast spell by half.
  • Disturb (Close, Opposed)
    Interrupt another caster’s Channeling. If the caster succeeds on an Opposed roll against a target, they end that target’s Channeling. The caster gains a one rank penalty for each level of the effect that they are Channeling beyond the first.
  • Aethersight (Passive)
    See the flow of aether that comprises leylines and identify points of power along them. The caster can see the aetheric currents of a spell, alerting them if one is being cast even if the caster is hidden.


  • Empower (Touch, Channeled)
    Manipulate the flow of leylines to create a temporary point of power, which can be used by Portalcrafters, to recharge enchantments, or for any effect that requires a point of power. If used to recharge enchantments, this operates as an Enchanter’s Recharge.
  • Dampen (Close)
    The caster forces the aetheric energy to flee from a target, preventing them from casting or being targeted by new spells. This does not affect ongoing Channeled spells. This effect lasts three rounds.
  • Fabricate (Passive)
    The caster can gather the remnants of a recently cast spell and pull them back together again. They cast a copy of another spell cast within the last two rounds, even if they do not know the spell. The copied spell has the same cast time and cost as the original.
  • Greater Shatter (Passive)
    Shatter can now break wards that have up to three ward effects.
  • Greater Dispel (Passive)
    Dispel may now target effects up to two effects with a combined level of two.
  • Wellspring (Passive)
    Once per scene, the caster may bypass the cost for one spell.
  • Aetherquick (Passive)
    Rituals that the caster participates in take one less round to complete.


  • Spellsiphon (Close, Channeled)
    Gather latent aetheric energy to restore and renew. The caster restores three Source points for each round that they channel.
  • Clean Slate (Close)
    Dispel all ongoing magical effects on a target. If the target is hostile, the caster must succeed an Opposed roll. This does not affect enchanted items, wards or pacts.
  • Deadzone (Self, Channeled)
    The caster expels all aetheric energy within Near range, preventing the casting and targeting of spells in that area. This does not interrupt ongoing Channeled spells.
  • Empowered Shatter (Passive)
    Shatter can now break any ward.
  • Empowered Dispel (Passive)
    Dispel may now target effects up to three effects with a combined level of three.
  • High Attunement (Passive)
    The caster gains a one rank mastery bonus to all Arcanum rolls.


Aetheric Overload (Close)
Send out a surge of energy into all CAST devices in an area, interrupting spell casting and forcing them to spend two rounds rebooting.