Air is ever present, surrounding everything and everyone. Aeromancers don’t just control their element - they live within it.

Primary Focus: Battlefield Control
Secondary Focus: Utility


  • Displacement (Close)
    Manipulate a small object under ten pounds. This manipulation is imprecise. (The caster can lift a glass to someone’s hand, but not fit a key into a lock)
  • Bubble (Self)
    The caster surrounds their head with an orb of clean air, allowing them to breathe unimpeded in hazardous conditions, but not underwater. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.
  • Fling (Near)
    Direct a blast of air at a target, moving them to the edge of Close range.
  • Featherlight (Self)
    Float up to one meter off the ground or slowly descend to one meter from higher. The effect lasts three rounds.
  • Wind With No Mouth (Close)
    Mask the noise of a conversation with the roaring wind, allowing for private conversations without worry of anyone overhearing. This effect lasts for three rounds.


  • Favorable Winds (Close)
    Select two points within Near range of each other. A wall of wind connects them, blowing from the side closer to the caster to the side further from the caster. Ranged attacks passing through the wall in the direction of the wind gain a one rank bonus, while ones passing through the wall against the wind gain a one rank penalty. This effect lasts three rounds.
  • Breathless (Close)
    Pull the air from a living target’s lungs, causing them to be unable to breathe effectively. The target receives a two rank penalty to all skill checks. This effect lasts two rounds.
  • Zephyrspeak (Limitless, Indirect)
    Whisper across the wind, sending one-way messages to another person at a distance.
  • Greater Featherlight (Passive)
    Featherlight now allows the caster to carry up to two others when hovering or falling. Additionally, it now lasts until the end of the scene or until dismissed.
  • Greater Displacement (Passive)
    Displacement can now manipulate medium-sized objects (up to one hundred pounds), or perform fine manipulation of objects under five pounds.


  • Galeforce (Close)
    All characters in front of the caster are pushed back to the far edge of Close range and take Light damage. If they are prevented from moving the full distance by immovable objects, they instead take Medium damage. Additionally, characters can only move half as much as they normally could, and cannot spend Edge points. This effect lasts one round.
  • Under Pressure (Close)
    Wind pours into a target point, pushing everyone within Blast range into Near range. Characters may not move within Blast range of the point. This effect lasts four rounds.
  • Empowered Displacement (Passive)
    Displacement allows heavy objects (up to one thousand pounds) to be manipulated.
  • Empowered Featherlight (Passive)
    Featherlight now allows the caster to move at a rapid speed while hovering up to 10 feet.
  • Winged Wind (Passive)
    Small eddies swirl around the caster at all times, ready to swell into grandeur at a moment’s notice. They are immune to fall damage.


Winds of Fate (Limitless, Indirect)
The caster sweeps themself and all willing or unconscious allies within Close range in a great burst of wind, carrying them away to safety.